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What we do

We source and supply the latest ingredient innovations to give you a competitive advantage.

What we do

Biota Ingredients partners with its customers to bring to the market safe, natural, and scientifically validated functional ingredient solutions that will satisfy the most demanding market needs for personalized nutrition.

The company’s founders and professional staff have extensive expertise and experience in the nutritional and functional ingredients market. By leveraging our expertise in innovative, scientifically validated ingredients, we can support your business to develop appealing, cost-effective, consumer convenient solutions that promote Health by Nutrition®.

Why choose Biota Ingredients

Cost Effective

Affordable solutions and always within budget.

50 years Experience

Almost a lifetime of bringing superior solutions to the health food market.

Safe, natural, sustainable

Nature at the service of health & wellbeing plus potent biotechnological solutions for food.

Our motto, Health by Nutrition®, defines both our business activities and our fundamental belief that good health is to a large extent dictated by scientifically sound nutrition principals.

Whilst our genetic makeup is an important determinant of health, we believe the interplay of our genetic fingerprint and our environment, i.e. “epigenetics”, has a profound and impact on an individual’s health status throughout all live stages.

Of all the environmental factors at play, we believe nutrition, is the most powerful environmental determinant of health, performance, but also provides “insurance” or protection against other environmental antagonist’s that are significantly detrimental to our health & wellbeing.

Good nutrition is not only the road to maintain our basic health & wellbeing, nutrition is THE key to maximizing our physical and cognitive performance.

Every human being has specific needs based on their genetics, personal circumstances, preferences and lifestyle. Biota Ingredients are able to leverage our extensive experience, global networks and scientific expertise to build a complete, consistent and continuously improved portfolio of ingredient solutions matched to contemporary consumer health market demands.

Biota can support your business to secure your success within the dynamic nutritional food & beverage sector.

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